S5P-PAL Data Portal

This is the dissemination site for data products generated by Sentinel 5P processors running in S5P-PAL.


The following products are currently made available publicly via this portal:
NO2 reprocessed NO2 data from April 2018 - September 2021 using a consistent version of the official L2 processor
AOT pre-operational AOT data, starting from July 2018, new products updated daily
BrO pre-operational BrO data, starting from May 2018, new products updated daily
TCWV pre-operational TCWV data, starting from January 2022 (full backprocessing is ongoing), new products updated daily

Discovery and access

Product file discovery and access is provided by S5P-PAL in the form of web services that implement the SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC) open standard. These endpoints can be accessed programmatically.

S5P-PAL also exposes the browsing interface more conveniently through a graphical Interactive Product Browser.


This service is provided as part of the Sentinel-5P Product Algorithm Laboratory (S5P-PAL) and contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data processed by S[&]T.

Questions regarding this service can be send to the ESA EO Support Helpdesk.