Data Portal Upgrade Guide

On 18 March 2024 we have deployed a major update to the S5P-PAL Data Portal. New features include:

  • A new version of the S5P-PAL mapping portal that includes maps of all S5P-PAL L2 products.
  • The addition of an L3 catalog to the data-portal, providing full download access to the grid files underlying these maps.

The update also introduces two backwards-incompatible changes that may break existing download scripts for L2 products.

  1. A redesign of the Data Portal STAC API paths

    Although the STAC API itself will not functionally change, the paths to and the names of the L2 catalog are moving from the current:


    Note: in addition to the URL path change (from cat/sentinel-5p> to api/s5p-l2), we have also renamed catalog.json to collection.json throughout to be more in line with STAC API best practices.

  2. Product type renaming

    The current S5P_ prefix will be removed from the product_type metadata attribute of all S5P-PAL products in the L2 catalog. E.g. S5P_L2__AER_OT will become L2__AER_OT.

    This renaming implies that if you were using S5P_<product_type> strings in your scripts to e.g. browse, filter results, or construct collection search endpoints, those occurrences will need to be updated as well.


Questions regarding this service can be send to the ESA EO Support Helpdesk.

This service is provided as part of the Sentinel-5P Product Algorithm Laboratory (S5P-PAL) and contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data processed by S[&]T.